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[[Still holding his inaugural search mission briefing, Nick gestures behind him to Pi (drone #3141592), Planck (#6626068), Fred, and Socrates, all of whom appear to be waiting near various MUTEX equipment.]]
Nick: The MUTEX operator is your lifeline back to our universe. They'll be your lifeguard, able to pull you back if you get into too much trouble. Fred will be our operator for this first trip.

[[Nick holds up a remote control, similar to what might be used with a home theater setup.]]
Nick: In addition, each team will have a "remote" that acts as your self-activated "eject" button. The remote can pull the entire team back even if the operator is unable to.

[[He holds up a tiny object, which we quickly find out is a camera. Standing next to him, Fooker turns and looks dead into the camera, holding up his finger as if to poke it. Nearby, Fooker's enlarged, distorted face and finger appear on a display panel.]]
Nick: We're also outfitting everyone with these hidden cameras, which talk to the remote and give us visual and auditory data which we can monitor on the Greys' holographic displays.

Nick: Miniature ear pieces will allow the operator to talk back to you, fostering two-way communication.
Fred: [Behind Nick, interjecting] Pi and I don't need any tech to "talk back", but it helps.
[[Pi shoots Fred a cold look.]]

References: Fred as a MUTEX operator: (1) (2) (3); Pi drafted to help; The MUTEX remote: (1) (2) (3) (4)
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