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[[Nick continues his inaugural mission speech. As Fooker watches carefully beside him, Nick looks somewhat disappointed in what he has to say next.]]
Nick: It's hard to know what to expect, entering a universe we've never been to before. It may be eerily similar to our own Earth... or radically different. We won't know until we get there.

[[We peer over the audience's heads as Nick continues, spreading his arms wide.]]
Nick: We might easily wind up on AN Earth that we THINK is ours, only to find out later that it's not. We need to be unambiguous; we can't afford to make a mistake here.

[[He holds up a boxy device that looks suspiciously like an old style "Star Trek" tricorder. A single light on its panel is currently glowing bright green.]]
Nick: To help identify whether it's our Earth or not, I've devised this device. Each universe has a "resonant frequency" that appears to be unique. This gadget isolates those frequencies.

[[We peer over Nick's shoulder as a blond female volunteer raises her hand in question. Flanking her, Trish, Patty, and a bald male volunteer all watch as she speaks.]]
Woman: How will we know it's working?
Nick: [Still holding up the device] I tried to make it as fool-proof as possible. Basically, if it's anything other than green, we're in the wrong place. Pure and simple.

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