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[[Fooker cradles a MUTEX helmet in one arm as he addresses Patty and Trish. Trish is quickly trying to remove her hair clip, while Patty has apparently already removed hers.]]
Fooker: Hair clips out, ladies. These helmets aren't very accessory friendly.
Patty: [Eying the helmet suspiciously] Yes, I seem to remember that...

[[As Nick begins to lower his helmet onto his head, he turns to Fred and Pi (Drone #3141592), who are operating the MUTEX controls.]]
Nick: Everything set, Fred?
Fred: [Quoting the old "Batman" television series from the 1960s] "Atomic batteries to power! Turbines to speed!"
Pi: [Turning to Nick and scowling] I have a vague guess that means "yes"...

Nick: [Turning to address the volunteers] When Fred activates the system, we'll seem to disappear. While we're in the other universe, it's imperative that no one mess with these helmets, and keep the area under them clear.

[[Nick lowers the helmet onto his head and joins the others. The "away team" stands ready, helmets on, as Fred hovers a pseudopod over the controls.]]
Nick: Push the button, Fred.
Fred: Nice knowing ya...
[[As Fred pushes the button, the familiar MUTEX <<ZWORM>> sound effect appears.]]

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