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[[As Fred fiddles with the MUTEX controls and Pi (Drone #3141592) observes him, the rest of the volunteers watch one of the holographic displays to see what the "away team" encounters. Among the visible audience are Ki and Trudy. The display is fuzzy and indistinct; either Nick's cameras are not working properly, or they are having difficulty getting a signal from the other universe.]]
Fred: Transport complete. Comm check: Nick, are you reading me?
Nick: [Over the loudspeaker] Um... yeah... give us a sec...

[[In a larger than normal panel, we see a strange, different reality. Everything is in black and white "inks"; there are none of GPF's characteristic gray tones and gradients. The art vaguely resembles George Herriman's classic "Krazy Kat" comic strip. In fact, each character appears to be a merger between the original GPF character and a "Krazy Kat" one. Nick appears to be fused with Ignatz Mouse, having Ignatz's general body shape but with Nick's characteristic hair, glasses, and a tie similar to GPF's early strips. Fooker appears to be merged with "Offisa" Bull Pupp, again with the latter's overall body shape and gloved hands, but Fooker's hair, goatee, and glasses. Trish appears to have taken the form of Krazy Kat and is largely identical to the latter, only with the former's signature trapezoidal glasses. Suspiciously absent is Patty; in her place, a solitary brick lies on the ground at Krazy Kat/Trish's feet.]]
Nick: [Mildly surprised] It always takes a minute or two to adjust to the new surroundings...
[[To everyone's surprise, the brick on the ground begins to talk.]]
Brick: Why is everything so dark? Can anyone else move?

References: The MUTEX "adapting" each user's appearance: (1) (2) (3)
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