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[[The art for this strip continues to emulate George Herriman's style of the old "Krazy Kat" comic strip. Nick, apparently morphed by the MUTEX to resemble himself merged with Ignatz Mouse, stands next to Fooker, who has become transformed into the rough body shape of "Offisa" Bull Pupp.]]
Nick: [Grabbing his newly acquired tail while looking slightly annoyed] It appears I'm some sort of mouse or rat... AGAIN...
Fooker: [Examining himself] And a dog I am. A right bull pupp.

Nick: [Mildly surprised] That's an odd way of saying things...
[[Trish enters the panel, having been fused with Krazy Kat. She looks much like the latter, only with her characteristic trapezoidal glasses.]]
Trish: Yez, hiss speech is queer, it is...

[[Nick and Fooker turn toward Trish as she reacts with surprise to her own voice. Nick appears to scrutinize her carefully.]]
Trish: Oh deer, an' Ah sim to haff loss mah studday an' pict upa lishp...

[[The trio's attention is called a few feet away, where the brick lying on the ground begins to wiggle and jump on its own. The brick is apparently Patty, who isn't happy with her transformation.]]
Brick: Seriously? Has nobody bothered to notice yet that I'm a BRICK?!?

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