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[[The art for this strip continues to emulate George Herriman's style of the old "Krazy Kat" comic strip. Nick/Ignatz pulls out the scanning device he demonstrated earlier and takes command of the situation.]]
Nick: We need to focus. I think it's fairly obvious we're in the wrong place, but we can't make assumptions.
[[Fooker/Pupp picks up the Patty/brick and tosses it in his hand absentmindedly as Trish/Krazy Kat watches.]]
Brick: HEY!

Nick: I'll scan for the resonant frequency. Meanwhile, you three make observations but don't mess with anything.
[[Nick steps away to preform his scan. As Fooker and Trish walk the opposite direction, Fooker tosses the brick over his shoulder.]]
Brick: Observe what? I can't see!

[[Trish gets down on her hands and knees, kneeling to look in the corner of the panel. For the first time, she notices that each panel has been numbered, apparently counting up from the first panel since they arrived. The word "EIGHT" is hidden in the corner right below her nose.]]
Trish: Lookit these widdle numbahs. Ah wundah what they're countin'...
Fooker: [Peering over her shoulder in a contemplative manner] Very suspicious, that is...
[[In the background, Nick is running his scan, his back to us. Between him and the others, the brick lies silently on the ground where Fooker tossed it.]]

[[Trish rises to her knees, putting her hands on the panel border. She is apparently aware of it and can interact with it.]]
Trish: An' lookit these walls... we're like a mice trapt ina box...
Fooker: [Reaching up and poking his own word balloon with his finger] Most peculiar...
[[Behind them, Nick turns to rejoin them, only to trip over the brick.]]

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