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[[The art for this strip continues to emulate George Herriman's style of the old "Krazy Kat" comic strip. Trish/Krazy Kat grabs the corner of the panel and begins to peel it upward, as if turning a page in a book.]]
Trish: Keriouser an' keriouser...
[[Meanwhile, Fooker/"Offisa" Bull Pupp bats at his own word balloon as if it were a helium-filled balloon.]]
Fooker: Whee!
[[Behind them, Nick/Ignatz Mouse is obviously irritated at the pair's inability to stay on task. He picks up the brick (which is really Patty) as he rises to his feet. Behind him, we see Nick's scanning device, with its indicator LED now shining red.]]

[[Nick winds up and hurls the brick/Patty at Trish's head, mimicking Ignatz's typical pitch toward Krazy Kat.]]
Nick: I... said... FOCUS!
[[The brick clonks Trish solidly in the head, knocking her glasses right off her face.]]
Brick: OW!
[[Witnessing it all, Fooker's hair stands on end in surprise.]]
Fooker: Transgression!

[[As Fooker leans over Trish, the latter rubs the back of her head sullenly. Nick picks back up his scanning device, sees the red light, and mutters.]]
Nick: I think we're done here...
[[At Nick's feet, the brick, the brick seems frustrated as well.]]
Brick: Oh, my weary, kiln-dried bones...

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