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[[The team returns back to their home universe. As Fooker removes his MUTEX helmet, Trish rubs the back of her sore head while Patty glares at Nick.]]
Patty: Well... THAT could have gone better...
Nick: [Looking disappointedly at his own helmet] That's... never happened before...

[[As Nick continues to stare at his helmet, his expression changes from disappointment to frustration.]]
Nick: It seems that universe was SO different, so... surreal, that the MUTEX "adapted" our personalities as well as our appearances. We'll have to watch out for that.

[[He turns back to Trish and Patty.]]
Nick: [Apologetically] So, um... sorry about that, ladies...
Trish: [Smiling nervously] I-it's o-okay...
Patty: [Still scowling] I'm sending you Granger's doctor bills.

[[The team starts putting back on their helmets. In the foreground, Fred "stands" at the ready.]]
Nick: At any rate, our first jump was a negative result. Fred, plug in the next set of coordinates. Fire when ready.
[[Fred presses a button off-panel and the MUTEX <<ZWORM>> sound effect is again heard.]]

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