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[[The "away team" continues its journey, hopping from one universe to the next in their search for Earth. In the first panel, Nick, Fooker, Trish, and Patty arrive in a "pixelated" world similar to a video game, where all of the lines are either perfectly horizontal or vertical. Nick looks at his scanning device as the others watch.]]
Nick: Negative.
[[The MUTEX <<ZWORM>> sound effect appears as they jump to their next destination.]]

[[In this panel, they have apparently landed in a world dominated by water and marine life. Nick is a fish; his dorsal fin is split in the same characteristic manner as his hair. Patty and Trish appear to be a clown fish and a blue tang, respectively. Fooker's head has become a squid, with his goatee as tentacles. All four still sport their glasses despite their marine appearances.]]
Nick: [Looking at the device] Negative.

[[They arrive in a new universe. Here, they appear to have been transformed into monsters or demons. Nick's body is covered with bony spurs, his ears are pointed, and his glasses take on a sinister shape. Fooker's head looks like a spider, complete with large, multiple black eyes, segmented "legs" for hair, and mandibles protruding where his mouth should be. Trish is a cyclops with ram-like horns instead of ears, and she appears to have at least two arms per side. Small fangs jut out from her mouth. Patty has a bird-like beak, two small horns on the top of her head, and two smaller eyes above her normal ones. She has a tentacle instead of a hand and apparently three breasts.]]
Nick: [Looking at his device] Negative.

[[In the last panel, the universe they arrive in appears like a child's drawing. There are regular lines in the background, as if the drawing were rendered on lined notebook paper. All four are now stick figure versions of themselves, apparently drawn in crayon.]]
Patty: [Before Nick has a chance to speak] No, wait... let me guess...

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