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[[As the "away team" continues their first mission to find Earth, they have apparently landed in an alternate universe where dinosaurs remain the dominant species. The setting is vaguely jungle-like, with tall, thin trees and many small bushes. High above, a pterodactyl soars in the sky, while in the far distance a volcano smolders, spewing smoke and ash. In the foreground, Patty, Trish, Nick, and Fooker are running for their lives. All are dressed in stereotypical "cavemen" furs and skins. Trish sports a "fur bikini", while Fooker's hair is tied up with a bone in it. All still retain their glasses, however, while Nick holds his scanning device. Behind them, a massive Tyrannosaurs rex stomps in pursuit, seeing the quartet as an easy meal.]]
Fooker: [Gritting his teeth] IT'S NEGATIVE! IT'S NEGATIVE!
Nick: [Calmly manipulating the scanning device while still running] Hold on, it's still calibrating...
Patty: [Panicked] TRUST HIM, IT'S NEGATIVE!

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