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[[The "away team" returns back to their own universe. All four are disheveled and dirty, and they appear to have scorch marks covering their bodies. Everyone's hair is unkempt and in disarray. Thin wisps of smoke rise from their bodies. As Fooker removes his MUTEX helmet, he blows a smoke ring into the air.]]
Patty: [Turning angrily to Trish] I TOLD you not to insult the fire-breathing wombat-person!
Trish: [Sheepishly] S-sorry...
Nick: [Looking at his helmet with defeat] It's OK, Patty. It was an honest mistake.

Fooker: The fire-wombats and the ice-koalas DID look kinda similar... if you ignored the fire and ice "hair"...
Trish: I-I w-was c-concentrating on th-the k-kangaroo made of g-granite...

[[Patty steps away from the group and waves her hands dismissively.]]
Patty: I don't CARE! Today, I've been hurled at Trish's head, turned into a fish, almost eaten by a T-rex, and roasted by a wombat! And it's not even NOON! I'm OUT of here!

[[Patty storms out of the frame, leaving a trail of smoke in her wake. The other three stand clustered, Nick still holding his helmet, watching her go.]]
Nick: [Breaking the silence] OK... maybe it's time we took a break...

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