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[[As Patty storms through the doorway and out of frame, Nick watches her leave in disappointment. Fooker seems a bit more laid back about her outburst. Both men are still smoldering from their previous encounter with the fire-wombats.]]
Fooker: PJ will be fine. She'll grumble and grouse for a while, then she'll be ready to go again in the morning.
Dexter: [Turning to follow Patty] I'll go check up on her.

[[Nick turns back to his audience of volunteers. The blond woman who previously asked about Nick's scanning device speaks up.]]
Woman: [Hesitantly] You... don't think this series of "excursions" would be... TYPICAL, do you?
Nick: [Exhausted] Honestly...? I don't know.

Nick: The odds of finding "our" Earth are astronomical with every "jump", among literally every possible universe imaginable. Today could be an anomaly... any way you look at it.

Nick: [Annoyed] Given what we've seen today, though, I wouldn't blame anyone for having cold feet.
Fooker: [Leaning into the frame] Just don't tell that to the ice-koalas...

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