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[[After the blond female volunteer finishes her speech, she steps forward to take her place for the next mission. Fooker, still disheveled and smoldering from the "fire-wombat" encounter, helps her place the helmet on her head. Meanwhile, Justin and Sharon step forward to take their places as the "veterans" on this mission, while Nick gestures some unheard explanation. However, off-panel, we listen in to some dissenting thoughts from another observer.]]
Unknown: Look at them. They're eating this $#!* up. They actually BELIEVE his stupid dog and pony show. Gullible morons...

[[Our view focuses in on Nick, who is also still smoldering and lifts a finger to accentuate some unheard point. The dissenter continues his internal rant.]]
Unknown: Gotta admit, though... he staged those videos pretty well, and that "humble geek" act is almost convincing. Still haven't figured out HOW he pulled that disappearing act...

[[We pull back to see Nick helping a male volunteer with his helmet, while the female volunteer stands nearby with her helmet on and her blond hair sticking out at the bottom. Our view now encompasses part of the doorway leading into the room, and we see the silent observer's folded arms.]]
Unknown: What's your angle, Mr. Wellington? What are you REALLY trying to pull? The goats ignore you, these sheep can't get enough of you... where IS this charade going...?

[[Our viewing angle reverses, and for the first time we see the dissenter's face. It is Victor Brown, the older man who "heckled" Nick during his "all-hands meeting" shortly after the humans came aboard the Grey ship. He narrows his eyes as he contemplates what he's seen.]]
Brown: Whatever it is, THIS wolf ain't falling for your act. I'm going to expose you for the fraud you are...

References: The "sheep" and the "goats"; Victor Brown: (1) (2)
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