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[[Victor Brown turns away from the doorway to the other room where Nick and our heroes are helping the volunteers prepare for the next search mission. Brown calls out to a passing Grey drone, stopping the alien in his tracks.]]
Brown: You! Alien! You were helping that little nerd with his "equipment", right?
Grey: Yes, I assisted in reassembling Nick's device.

Brown: How does that contraption work? Where do they go when they "vanish"?
Grey: Unfortunately, I'm afraid I cannot explain what I, myself, do not understand.

Grey: Despite examining the device numerous times, none of us have been able to ascertain how it functions. It appears the sum of its parts exceed its component capabilities.

Grey: Indeed, without the power source, the rest of the unit seems rather ordinary, a quaint series of sensory embellishments...
Brown: [Smirking] The power source is the key, eh...?

References: The MUTEX and Velociraptor
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