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[[Victor Brown continues his interrogation of the passing Grey drone, probing the alien's knowledge of Nick's MUTEX and Velociraptor devices.]]
Brown: How does this giant battery or generator work?
Grey: We have been unable to ascertain that functionality as well. Even by our understanding of physics it should not work.

Brown: But without that gizmo the rest of the machine is useless?
Grey: I would not say "useless". However, it's apparently functionality would be limited to virtual reality simulations.

[[Seemingly satisfied with this answer, Brown turns to leave, smirking as he does so.]]
Brown: Virtual reality, huh. Thanks, short stuff. I think I got what I needed... for now...
Grey: [Smiling innocently] If you require further assistance, we are always eager to help.

[[As Brown and the Grey drone head off in opposite directions down the hall, Trudy sticks her head out of the adjoining doorway, peering out of the room where the volunteers are using the MUTEX to search for the Earth. Trudy looks in Brown's direction, her expression a mixture of confusion and suspicion.]]

References: No one really understands how Velociraptor works: (1) (2) (3) (4); Velociraptor changed the nature of the MUTEX: (1) (2) (3) (4)
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