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[[Nick stands before a small subgroup of familiar faces. Ki, Fooker, Sharon, and Trudy are seated on a bench, while on a nearby table, Socrates perches next to Planck (Grey drone #6626068). All watch intently as Nick speaks.]]
Nick: Since it looks like our first few search missions have been successful, at least in bringing everyone back in one piece, I wanted to pull this group aside for a separate task.

[[As Nick continues, we focus on him as he gestures, holding a data tablet in the opposite hand. Seated nearby, Ki looks toward the rest of the group.]]
Nick: By now, each over you has heard by varying degrees about Trudy's new-found "ability" to read other people's thoughts via touch. We're going to investigate this discreetly.

[[We focus now on Fooker, Sharon, and Trudy. The latter bows her head quietly, her eyes closed, as the other two watch her carefully. Nick continues off-panel.]]
Nick: Ki, Trudy, and I haven't told anyone outside this room because we're afraid the news about this could have negative consequences, for both Trudy and the search.

[[We focus exclusively on Nick, whose expression hardens with determination.]]
Nick: This is going to be a delicate, intimate matter, but it's essential that we understand this as it may prove essential to finding and stopping "Nega-Nick", wherever he is.

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