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[[We focus on Socrates, who takes the forefront as he addresses his question toward Nick. Between them, Ki and Fooker listen intently.]]
Socrates: Why are Planck and I here?
Nick: We think Trudy's "ability" is related to Physaric touch telepathy. Your experiences and knowledge could prove useful.

[[As Nick continues off-panel, we focus on Socrates and Planck (Grey Drone #6626068) as they exchange "glances".]]
Nick: Socrates, you've been a "tainted" Physaric for a while. Planck, you understand Grey telepathy. Keep in mind, though, we'll need your discreet discretion to keep this quiet.

[[We now narrow our attention to Fooker, Sharon, and Trudy. Sharon looks to her sister with a mixture of concern and disappointment.]]
Sharon: You still haven't told us how you got this... "ability"...
[[Trudy seems frustrated and annoyed, but before she can respond, Fooker jumps in.]]
Fooker: She bonked "Nega-Nick" after he fused with his Physaric "puppeteer".

[[Both Sharon and Trudy turn to shoot icy glares at Fooker. Trudy grinds her teeth as she responds.]]
Trudy: So much for discreet discretion...
Fooker: [Gesturing with his thumb back in Ki's direction] Ki told me.

References: See the Wiki entries for the Physarics and the Greys for notes about their different telepathic abilities, as well as the "pure" and the "tainted"; Trudy and "Nega-Nick"
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