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[[Responding to Fooker "outing" her tryst with "Nega-Nick", Trudy scowls.]]
Trudy: HOW I got this "ability" isn't important, aside from the fact that "Nega-Nick" was involved.
Socrates: [Interjecting] On the contrary, it may be essential to unlocking this mystery.

[[As Socrates continues, Sharon and Trudy listen attentively.]]
Socrates: In my race's long history, there's never been a recorded incident of one of us conferring our telepathic abilities onto another species. How, precisely, were they "fused"?

[[The others turn to Nick as he answers for Trudy.]]
Nick: We're not exactly sure. All we know is there was a jolt of energy from my Velociraptor device while the Physaric was controlling him. Even they didn't know what happened.

Fooker: [Interrupting] Maybe we should concentrate on the details of the transfer. What were you wearing? Did he come onto you, or vice versa?
Trudy: [Grinding her teeth] Irrelevant, extraneous data...
[[Caught between her flippant husband and her seething sister, Sharon seems flummoxed.]]

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