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[[As the group continues their discussion of Trudy's new-found "ability" to read other's thoughts, Nick tries to bring everyone back on track. As he addresses Fooker's flippant remarks, Ki gives Fooker a stern look.]]
Nick: Fooker, please. What's important is that "Nega-Nick" didn't transfer this ability to Trudy until after they were... you know. Before that, he always initiated the "link" between them.

[[Fooker places his hands on his chest and raises his eyebrows in mock surprise.]]
Fooker: Well, I hope Ki's more understanding, because I'M not volunteering to test this transference theory...
Trudy: [On the verge of tearing Fooker a new one] NOBODY'S testing that theory, least of all ME! Stay on topic, mop-head!
[[Caught in the middle, Sharon ignores her husband and gives Trudy a sympathetic look.]]

Ki: We're less concerned about the transference and more about what this "ability" can do. "Nega-Nick" is out there, somewhere, and has the same "skill". How does it work?

[[As Planck (Grey drone #6626068) interjects, the others all turn their attention to him. Planck fiddles with his tablet as he speaks.]]
Planck: Hold on... I MIGHT have an explanation for the transfer, but I'll need to run a scan on Miss Trudy before I can verify it...

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