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[[Planck (Grey Drone #6626068) finishes up his scan of Trudy and analyzes the data on his tablet. Sharon and Trudy sit nearby, waiting patiently.]]
Planck: I have a working hypothesis for how this "Nega-Nick" acquired his telepathy, and for how he transferred it to Trudy, and it looks like this data may confirm it...

[[Socrates stretches up to peer at Planck's tablet as he continues.]]
Planck: We've been studying Physaric DNA for giga-ganadans. It's extremely flexible and resilient, which we think leads to their ability to control very disparate species.

[[Planck holds up his tablet for everyone to see. On the screen, we see a silhouette of Nick (or more likely "Nega-Nick") next to two strands of DNA. One appears to be a normal human double-helix, while the other appears to be a triple-helix. An arrow below them implies a merger of the two DNA strands, forming a double-helix with a third strand straight down its middle. Planck continues his explanation.]]
Planck: That malleability could have caused "Nega-Nick's" DNA to become infused with his Physaric controller's. That energy jolt literally spliced them into a genetic human-Physaric hybrid.

Planck: When the genetic transfer occurred during their intercourse with Trudy, the Physaric DNA similarly merged with hers. She is now a Trudy-Nega-Nick-Physaric chimera.
[[As Planck concludes his analysis, we see the reactions from his audience. Ki and Fooker both show surprise, Sharon concern, and Trudy disgust.]]

References: Based on this conversion rate, "giga-ganadans" is roughly equivalent to saying "years" (1 Earth year = 2.1 giga-ganadans); Prof. Wisebottom's analysis of Fred's DNA (1) (2); Genetic chimera
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