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[[Following Planck's revelation that Trudy may be a genetic "chimera" (a fusion of human and Physaric DNA) following her encounter with "Nega-Nick", Nick seems deep in thought.]]
Nick: Based on this analysis, do you think it's possible for her to "pass on" this ability in a similar manner?
Planck: Possible? Maybe, but it's unlikely.

[[Trudy listens expectantly as Planck (Grey Drone #6626068) continues his explanation.]]
Planck: While there is a mutual transfer of genetic material in human copulation, it's overwhelmingly one-sided, male to female. I doubt the concentration is sufficient.

Planck: Still it might be best for her to refrain from intercourse until we can conduct further tests.
Fooker: [Leaning in to "whisper" loudly to Trudy] No more nookie for you...
[[Both Sharon and Trudy give him an icy glare. Trudy combines hers with a teeth-grinding scowl.]]

[[Trudy turns her attention back to Planck.]]
Trudy: Ignoring the peanut gallery. OK, mister alien geneticist: given what you know, can you find a way to reverse this... whatever you call it?
[[Sharon watches her sister carefully as they await Planck's reply.]]

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