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[[Planck (Grey drone #6626068) scrutinizes his tablet as Socrates peers over his elbow. As the two humans nearest him, Sharon and Trudy listen intently, Sharon with surprise and Trudy with skepticism.]]
Planck: It MAY be possible to reverse your hybridization. A lot depends on how "virulent" the foreign DNA is and how much of your DNA remains unmodified.

[[Our view pulls back. We look over Nick's shoulder as he faces Planck from across the room. Between them sit Fooker, Sharon, Trudy, and Socrates.]]
Sharon: [Excitedly] So Trudy can be cured? That's fantastic!
Nick: [Grimly] Planck, schedule a deep DNA scan of Trudy to pursue this, the sooner the better. However, keep this in mind...

[[As Nick continues, Ki (who is sitting closest to Nick) and Fooker listen carefully, while Trudy narrows her eyes.]]
Nick: Trudy is our only clue to how this "fusion" works, and thus our best chance of finding a way to combat "Nega-Nick" if the need arises. We can't test that if she's "cured".

Trudy: [Defiantly] I understand. We may have to choose between "curing" me and stopping him. I'll go on record saying he's the bigger threat, and I'll live with this forever if it comes down to it.
[[Next to her, Ki, Fooker, and Sharon all react to her response. Ki and Fooker seem surprised at her determination, while Sharon is concerned for her sister.]]

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