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[[Obviously irritated by the diversions, Nick continues addressing the small group gathered to discuss Trudy's new found "ability". Seated next to him, Ki listens.]]
Nick: With that out of the way, we need to test the limits of what Trudy can do. We need a volunteer to let Trudy read their thoughts. Any takers?

[[We pull back to see the rest of the group. Ki, Fooker, Sharon, and Trudy are still seated on a bench, while Socrates perches on a nearby table and Planck (Grey drone #6626068) stands next to him. There is a nervous exchange of glances--Ki toward Fooker, Sharon toward Trudy--while Planck smiles expectantly. There is no dialog.]]

[[It is the same basic scene, only with minor differences. Ki looks the opposite direction toward Nick, who is off-panel. Fooker and Sharon exchange glances. Trudy folds her arms, obviously growing annoyed. Planck also seems frustrated by the silence.]]

[[Again, the same basic scene. Trudy turns to the other humans, spreading her arms in a wide gesture.]]
Trudy: Look, I don't like this any more than YOU do!
[[The others stare blankly at her, still silent.]]

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