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[[Ki, Fooker, Sharon, and Trudy all sit on the bench following the awkward silence of the previous strip. Sharon tentatively raises a volunteering finger.]]
Sharon: [With a weak smile] I'll gladly help my sister--
Fooker: [Standing and talking over Sharon] Fine, twist my arm. I've got nothing to hide.

[[As Sharon looks disappointed at getting cut off, Fooker and Trudy step forward toward the center of the room, where Nick and Planck (Grey drone #6626068) place a pair of chairs facing each other.]]
Nick: We'll keep the first test simple. A quick touch, then Trudy will describe what, if anything, she saw.

[[As Fooker and Trudy take their seats, Trudy seems somewhat nervous.]]
Trudy: With Granger and the earliest brushes with "Nega-Nick", I only saw a flood of disorganized images. It wasn't until we concentrated that I saw anything coherent.

[[Fooker raises his right hand and forms a fist with the back side facing Trudy. He then places his left index finger on his temple and squints in mock concentration.]]
Fooker: I'm thinking of raising a finger. Read my thoughts to find out which one...
Trudy: [Annoyed] Please... like there's any other finger YOU would show ME...

References: "A flood of disorganized images": "Nega-Nick", Granger; Coherent concentration
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