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[[As group continues to test Trudy's new "abilities", Fooker and Trudy sit in the middle of the room, facing each other. Both have a single hand raised, touching the other. As Ki, Sharon, and Planck (Grey drone #6626068) watch from the background, Nick stands next to Fooker, eying his watch.]]
Nick: That's three seconds. Fooker? Anything?
Fooker: Nope. Nada.

[[Trudy lowers her head somewhat, closing her eyes and struggling to concentrate.]]
Nick: [Mildly concerned] Trudy? Are you OK?
Trudy: Y-yeah... it's a bit overwhelming. It takes a minute to make sense of things...
[[Fooker eyes her suspiciously.]]

[[Trudy places a hand on her forehead as she continues to concentrate.]]
Trudy: You skinned your knee in kindergarten... Justin hates peaches... your mother was very beautiful and kind... you had a beagle named Peanuts and a hamster named Clyde...
[[As he listens, Fooker's expression turns dour.]]

Fooker: So far, I'm not impressed. You could have heard all that from Sharon.
Trudy: [Suddenly becoming alert, cocking an eyebrow in surprise] Is... THAT what your middle name is...?
[[In the background, Sharon reacts with surprise.]]

References: Fooker's mother, Madeline Barker: Wiki entry, first appearance, death
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