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[[Having just tested Trudy's "ability" to read another's thoughts via her touch telepathy "link", Fooker seems unimpressed with the information she has supposedly gleaned from his mind. As Sharon watches uncomfortably from the background, Fooker and Trudy, still seated in the center of the room opposite each other, debate her newly acquired "knowledge".]]
Fooker: [Folding his arms across his chest] You don't know my middle name. NOBODY knows my middle name.
Trudy: [Smiling mischievously] And for good reason, apparently. I'D be embarrassed, which is really saying something.

Sharon: [Injured] Even I don't know his middle name. He won't tell me...
Fooker: [To Trudy] You're bluffing.
Trudy: [Wickedly] I can prove it.

[[Trudy leans in and whispers in Fooker's ear, covering her mouth so no one can see her lips move. Whatever she says, Fooker seems shocked to hear it.]]

[[Fooker abruptly rises to his feet and storms away from his chair.]]
Fooker: That's it. I'm done here.
Trudy: [With her chin in her hand, smiling mischievously] Ooh, and I've been trying SO hard to be a good girl these days...
[[Sharon watches Fooker walk away, obviously hurt to be left out of this conversation.]]

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