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[[Following his test with Trudy's telepathic abilities, Fooker (still annoyed) stands still as Planck (Grey drone #6626068) scans him with his tablet.]]
Planck: Confirmed. No sign of the hybrid DNA. Casual contact doesn't appear to transfer it.
[[As Sharon watches carefully from the background, Nick strokes his chin, deep in thought.]]
Nick: Let's try something different...

Nick: Planck, will you let Trudy try this ability on you?
Planck: [Turning to look uneasily at Trudy] I... suppose. But I don't think it will work.

[[Planck takes the seat opposite Trudy and places his hand in hers. Trudy closes her eyes and concentrates as Planck continues.]]
Planck: We Greys engineered an immunity to Physaric control as a defense mechanism. If Trudy's ability comes from Physaric DNA, that should block it.

[[Trudy releases Planck's hand, then looks at her own hand with disgust.]]
Trudy: He's right. I'm not getting anything... aside from a dose of alien sweat.
Planck: [Sheepishly] Sorry... I guess I'm due a bathing cycle. It's been a few mega-ganadans...

References: The Greys' engineered immunity; Based on this conversion rate, a "few mega-ganadans" could be anywhere from a few hours to several months...
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