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[[As Planck (Grey drone #6626068) rises from his seat after the last experiment, Sharon raises her hand to try and get Nick's attention. Nick, however, seems to have other plans.]]
Nick: Hang on, Sharon. I want to continue this thread. Socrates? Why don't you give it a try.
[[From the opposite side of the room, Socrates responds, still sitting on his perch on the table. Trudy shifts in her seat to look at the mold.]]
Socrates: I can, but I doubt it will work for different reasons.

[[Trudy stands and walks over to Socrates. As he continues, he extends a pseudopod to meet Trudy's outstretched hand.]]
Socrates: I would think my abilities might "override" hers. We'd end up testing my ability to join with her, rather than--
[[As their appendages meet, there is a silent but violent shock, forcing Socrates to recoil.]]
Socrates: YEOWZA!

[[Socrates examines his pseudopod in surprise.]]
Socrates: I... can't touch her, for some reason. It's like a shock, repelling me...
Trudy: [Turning to explain to Nick] The same thing happened on the Physaric ship, when one of them tried to "take over" me...

[[Planck scans Trudy with his tablet.]]
Planck: Odd... it seems the hybrid DNA is actually repellent to "pure" Physaric DNA. It's somewhat like my immunity, but... not.
[[In the background, Fooker and Sharon are still seated next to each other.]]
Fooker: Trudy's perfume always had that affect on ME...
[[Sharon shoots her husband a dirty look.]]

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