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[[As Nick, Ki, and Fooker watch, Sharon rises to her feet before anyone else can interrupt her.]]
Sharon: It's MY turn. I want to try this coherent concentration theory.
Fooker: Hang on, Red. Maybe Ki ought to--

[[Sharon spins toward her husband with a fiery glare, jabbing an index finger in his face and cutting him off, much like he did to her earlier.]]
Sharon: Don't you "Red" me, Mister Mystery Middle Moniker. Talk over me again and your "hibernation cycle" will be with Pi and Planck tonight.

[[As Sharon steps forward and takes the seat opposite Trudy, Planck (Grey drone #6626068) cheerfully consoles Fooker.]]
Planck: You can stand between me and #11235811. Pi has a tendency to begin hibernation with a glare that can be quite unsettling when you first awaken.

[[Sharon and Trudy face each other, each extending a hand toward her sister. Trudy seems a bit reluctant, while Sharon is determined.]]
Trudy: If we're going to try this, you need to focus on one specific topic you want me to pick up on.
Sharon: Oh, I already have something in mind...

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