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[[As Sharon and Trudy hold hands and concentrate, the strip enters the visual mode of the "link": the panel border corners are now rounded, there is a light haze over the image, and a "halo" is visible around the border edges. As the two women "speak", they use thought balloons, indicating that their communication is not audible.]]
Sharon: Trudy... can you hear me?
Trudy: It's a bit hollow... distant... but yes, I can "hear" you...

Sharon: [Happily surprised] Wow! I didn't say that out loud! You CAN read my thoughts!
Trudy: [Cringing from exertion] Focus, Sharon! Don't get distracted, or you'll break the connection!

Trudy: [Opening her eyes to look at Sharon] Tell me something I shouldn't know, something no one else knows, so we can prove this works...
Sharon: [Eyes narrowing] Actually, I'd rather YOU tell ME something...

Sharon: [Sternly] Are you REALLY the "Trudy" from the "Negaverse", or are you my REAL sister, the one from MY universe, and everyone has been lying to me?
[[Trudy is taken aback by Sharon's unexpected question.]]

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