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[[Sharon are Trudy are still in the "link", communicating telepathically. As such, their "dialog" occurs entirely within their heads. Trudy has just admitted to being the "real" Trudy from the "prime" universe.]]
Sharon: [Skeptically] Somehow, I can tell you're not lying... NOW.
Trudy: [Closing her eyes and massaging her temple wearily] You're hearing my thoughts directly. Lying here would require me to lie to myself.

Trudy: [Apologetically] I told Fooker, who told Ki. We all agreed to keep it from you so it wouldn't hurt your feelings. Nick... well, he's either been missing or too busy to say anything.

Sharon: [Thoughtfully] I'm mad at ALL of you, and probably will be for a while. But I'll get over it eventually. Just... stop treating me like a delicate baby. From here on out, no more secrets.

Trudy: [Defeated] What can I do to make it up to you?
Sharon: [With an evil smile] Tell me Fooker's middle name...

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