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[[Sharon and Trudy drop their hands, breaking their mental connection. As they do so, Trudy has a weary smile, while Sharon's smile has a hint of mischief. Behind them, Nick, Ki, and Fooker wait patiently.]]
Nick: [Noticing that Sharon and Trudy have broken contact] That took longer than expected...
Fooker: But watching their silent expressions was a hoot...

[[We look over Nick's shoulder as Sharon rises to her feet. Meanwhile, Trudy seems exhausted.]]
Nick: [To Sharon] Were you successful? Could you communicate a coherent idea?
Sharon: Oh, we had a LOVELY conversation. VERY informative. A very successful experiment.

[[We stand behind Sharon as she turns and points an accusatory finger at Nick.]]
Sharon: You? You're off the hook... for now.
[[She now turns to Fooker and Ki.]]
Sharon: As for you two, we'll talk later.
[[Nick, Fooker, and Ki all seem bewildered by these statements.]]

[[As the others continue to watch in confusion, Sharon steers the exhausted Trudy out of the room. She has a devilish smile as she speaks.]]
Sharon: For now, though, Trudy's exhausted. We're done for the day. I'll get us some coffee cubes, then we're going to have a long sister-to-sister chat.

References: "Coffee cubes"
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