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[[Nick and Ki are snuggled up together in bed, apparently after a long day of exploring alternate universes, searching for the missing planet Earth. Nick lies on his back with one hand behind his head, while his other arm is around Ki, who lies on her side next to him with her hand upon his chest. Both seem exhausted, but Nick is also annoyed. Nick isn't wearing his glasses.]]
Ki: So... THAT was a productive day...
Nick: For certain definitions of "productive".

Nick: We visited a total of 50 universes today. Subtract that from infinity, and we still have an infinite number to go.
Ki: Don't be so negative. We're only just getting started.

Ki: Besides, you guys got to see some really interesting places, like the one that turned everyone into bugs.
Nick: [Cracking a small smile] Dexter DID make for an impressive dung beetle...

[[Concern creeps onto both of their faces.]]
Ki: Although the one that turned everyone inside out was a bit unsettling...
Nick: Which reminds me, tell Sharon to get that spot on her left kidney checked...

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