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[[Nick and Ki are still lying in bed after a long day of searching for Earth. Nick reaches down and places a hand on Ki's stomach.]]
Nick: Let's talk about something else. How are you doing, "mom"?
Ki: [Placing her hand on Nick's] OK, I suppose. It's a bit boring watching you guys have all the fun, but "we" are doing just fine.

Nick: When are you supposed to start "showing"?
Ki: Dr. Granger says it should be in a couple weeks. And the morning sickness is better, but she said it could still last a while.

Ki: [Propping herself up on an elbow and putting her chin in her hand] So... are we ready for this? To be parents?
Nick: I think so. We've had some time to ourselves, and it's been something we've wanted for a long time.

Ki: [Lying back down, slightly annoyed] Well, I was hoping for the NORMAL trials of pregnancy, not having dozens of aliens measuring and quantifying my every move.
Nick: [Raising a hand in a sweeping gesture] Just repeat to yourself, "For science"...

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