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[[Nick and Ki are still lying in bed after a long day of searching for Earth, and have just switched topics to discussing Ki's pregnancy. Ki rolls on her side to face her husband, who still lies on his back, staring at the ceiling.]]
Ki: Avogadro asked if I wanted to know the baby's sex. I told him I'd have to ask you.
Nick: I guess their DNA scans are pretty thorough. I don't know... what do you think?

Ki: The Greys can replicate baby stuff on demand. It's not like anyone has to buy either blue or pink things...
Nick: True. But it might help us pick out names...

Ki: [Lying on her back and placing a hand on her stomach] I've... been thinking about that. What if this is Todd, our son from the future?
Nick: [Skeptically] I doubt it. He was a product of a specific time and place that no longer exists. He's unique.

Ki: [Snuggling back up to Nick] You're worried naming this child "Todd" will unfairly project expectations on him?
Nick: I'm also worried a girl might not like being named "Toddrica"...

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