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[[Nick and Ki are still snuggled up in bed, following their previous baby-naming discussion. Suddenly, there is a silent flash of light from the nearby porthole to space. Both of them immediately sit up in bed.]]
Ki: What was THAT? A meteor?
Nick: Not without an atmosphere to burn against...

[[Nick gets out of bed and walks to the portal to look outside.]]
Ki: [From the bed] Are the Greys conducting some extravehicular exercise?
Nick: I don't think so, but I thought I saw something moving against the stars...

Ki: A near-Earth asteroid? Well, not-so-near at the moment...
Nick: [Shading his eyes and squinting] No... there it is... and the way it's moving, I'd almost say it's another ship...

[[Suddenly, a klaxon begins to sound.]]
Ki: That can't be good...
Nick: [Putting on his robe] Come on. Let's head toward the bridge.

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