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[[Nick and Ki continue to face down Bohr, the warrior Grey, who is threatening to shut down the MUTEX and strand a number of humans who are currently exploring another universe, looking for Earth.]]
Ki: What exactly is going on?
Bohr: An unidentified alien vessel has entered the system and is approaching our position. We must engage the cloak to determine if they are a threat.

Nick: Have they spotted us?
Bohr: Unknown, but unlikely. They just existed hyperspace, so their sensors should still be re-calibrating to normal space. But the longer we wait...

Nick: [Defiantly] Pi can bring our people back in a couple minutes. Until then, we can keep the Moon between our ship and theirs. We should be cloaked long before they reach us.

[[Bohr grinds his teeth, obviously dissatisfied with Nick's logical response.]]
Bohr: Very well. You have 8,000 ganadans. Notify the bridge the instant the device is shut down, then secure yourselves in your cabins. We may have a fight ahead of us...

References: According to this conversion rate, two minutes is approximately 8,000 ganadans
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