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[[It is apparently some time later. As per Bohr's instructions in the previous strip, Nick and Ki are now in their cabin. Ki sits with her chin in her hand on the bed, seemingly bored. Meanwhile, Nick sits at a floating terminal, attempting to access the ship's computer.]]
Ki: It's been a good hour now. How long are they going to keep us locked in our cabin?
Nick: [Frustrated] At least they turned that klaxon off. But the network's still locked down.

[[The door to their cabin opens and Planck tentatively steps into the doorway. Both humans turn to greet the Grey.]]
Ki: Planck?
Planck: Um, the Skaboola has ordered me to bring you to the bridge. It's... urgent.

[[The trio walk through the hall on their way to the bridge. Our viewing angle is somewhere above them, looking down from the ceiling.]]
Nick: Is this about the alien ship? Is it gone?
Planck: [Nervously] It might be better if I don't say anything. I think the Skaboola isn't happy at the moment.

[[As they approach the bridge, the door slides open.]]
Ki: How can you tell?
Planck: Because he's smiling, and he only does that when something bad's about to happen...
[[Sure enough, the Great Skaboola hovers just on the other side of the door, seated in his levitating chair. He steeples his fingers in front of him as a broad, devilish smile creases his chubby face.]]

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