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[[Nick and Ki stand in the presence of the Great Skaboola on the bridge of the Grey ship. Planck stands attentively yet nervously beside them, as other Grey drones buzz about at various tasks, otherwise ignoring them. The Skaboola steeples his fingers in front of him as a suspicious smile creases his massive face.]]
Skaboola: Ah, Nick. And your mate as well... Ki, is it not? I apologize we have not had more time socialize...
Nick: [Sternly] I assume this is about our recent visitors...?

[[The Skaboola gestures to the bridge's main view port, through which the crescent Moon looms, around which the ship orbits. The Skaboola's smile fades quickly.]]
Skaboola: Unfortunately, yes. They are the Valisari, a rather primitive, war-like species a few light-years distant. They pose little threat to our empire, but to a single research vessel...

[[The Skaboola taps his chin with a chubby finger in mock contemplation.]]
Skaboola: At first we thought our uncloaked presence may have drawn them here, or perhaps the massive power signature of your (ahem) "Velociraptor" device. Alas, were that true...

[[His sinister smile returns as he finally reaches his point.]]
Skaboola: It seems rumors have been circulating among the comm channels. You have apparently made a name for your species, and this may be the first visit among many...
[[Ki cocks a curious eyebrow, while Nick grimly and stoically listens. Planck, barely visible in the corner of the frame, seems nervously uncertain.]]

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