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[[Following the mysterious appearance of an alien vessel in Earth's solar system, Nick and Ki have been summoned to the bridge of the Grey ship by the Great Skaboola, who clearly knows more about the situation than he's explained so far. The Skaboola has just hinted that "rumors" have been circulating among the comm channels, and that our heroes have "made a name for your species" among the other denizens of the Milky Way.]]
Ki: [Somewhat irritated] What's THAT supposed to mean?
Skaboola: Word has spread of our stand-off here with the Physarics, and that the native species annihilated themselves rather than surrender.

Skaboola: The Valisari are combative, but they lack the technology to pose any significant threat. That said, they are also opportunistic, and are not above plundering the dead.

Skaboola: If, perchance, a nearby race demonstrated the ability to destroy an entire planet and the remnants of such a weapon could be scavenged, it might destabilize the entire quadrant.

[[As he turns away from the humans, the Skaboola lets slip a sly, almost teasing smile.]]
Skaboola: It is fortuitous no such evidence was left behind, of course. It could prove disastrous if such fearsome power fell into idle hands...
[[Realizing the Skaboola's implications are aimed at him and his inventions, Nick grinds his teeth, barely keeping his composure. Sensing her husband's anger and frustration, Ki attempts to soothe him by placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder.]]

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