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[[Nick and Ki are still on the bridge of the Grey ship. The Great Skaboola has just announced that Nick has been summoned to appear before the Supreme Fu, leader of the Grey High Command, on the Grey home world.]]
Nick: [Gritting his teeth] How... long must I be gone?
Skaboola: [Smiling devilishly] As long as it takes. However, it should not take longer than 173 mega-ganadans, or about one Earth month.

Skaboola: [Turning toward Ki] Your mate will be permitted to accompany you, of course. You may be gone for some time in an unfamiliar place. A familiar face may be a small comfort.
[[Neither Nick nor Ki seem to consoled by the Skaboola's "offer".]]

Skaboola: [Narrowing his eyes and steepling his fingers, finally dropping his vicious smile] I will also be sending Drone #6626068 with you. Perhaps you will find him more useful as a guide to Grey culture than he tends to be here.
[[Planck seems terrified at the suggestion.]]

[[The Skaboola turns his back to the three of them, floating away in his hover chair. As he floats away, he adds wickedly...]]
Skaboola: I suggest you expedite your packing procedure. The Grand Protuberance arrives within the next 240 kilo-ganadans.
[[Nick, Ki, and Planck glare at the Skaboola's back as he leaves. The humans are obviously angry with frustration, while Planck is paralyzed with fear.]]

References: While the first time conversion is given in-panel, based on this conversion rate, 240 kilo-ganadans should be approximately one hour.
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