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[[The scene shifts. We are now apparently in Nick and Ki's cabin as the two pack for their journey to the Grey home world. Fooker and Sharon have joined them, with the former leaning against the wall with his arms folded.]]
Sharon: [Surprised] You'll be gone for a whole month?
Nick: Considering we'll be a couple thousand light years away, a month doesn't seem like quite so much.

Sharon: [Growing concerned] What about the search for Earth?
Nick: We've hit a comfortable groove. Pi and Fred can run the MUTEX, and you "veterans" can handle the logistics. You don't NEED me.

Fooker: [Interjecting, pointing a thumb in Sharon's direction] You know, one of Sharon's ancestors came up with this law...
[[Sharon shoots Fooker a dirty look.]]
Nick: Nothing's going to go wrong, Fooker. You guys can handle the MTUEX. Ki and I will be careful.

Fooker: [Suspiciously] I still don't like it. Maybe it's the ol' secret agent instincts, but I think the Skaboolaboola is up to something.
Nick: [Grimly] I'm pretty sure he is, but it's not like we have much of a choice.

References: The "law" one of "Sharon's ancestors" created than Fooker is referring to; Vague estimates on the distance between Earth and the Grey home world (in "moolans"): (1) (2)
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