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[[In an exterior view, the saucer-shaped Grey ship hangs in orbit above Earth's Moon (now in solitary orbit around the Sun) as a second, much larger Grey ship arrives. It is difficult to discern scale without an additional frame of reference, but the implication is that the larger ship is at least three times the diameter of the smaller one and many times its volume. Inside the smaller ship, an intercom crackles to life, announcing:]]
Unknown Grey: The Grand Protuberance's flagship has just arrived, your bulbousness...

[[Inside the smaller ship, Nick and Ki's friends gather around the pair as they prepare to leave, wishing them a safe journey. In the foreground are Pi and Planck (Grey drones #3141592 and #6626068). Planck appears to be a nervous wreck, while Pi is absentmindedly fiddling with a hand held device.]]
Planck: By Zolon's ganglia, I'm nervous, Pi. I've never been in the presence of the Supreme Fu before...
Pi: NONE of us have, you gnarf, not even the Skaboola.

Planck: I've heard he disintegrates drones who displease him. What if I say something stupid...?
Pi: You're ALWAYS saying something stupid, so just keep your mouth shut for a change.

[[In an uncharacteristic move, Pi places a reassuring hand on Planck's shoulder. We can tell Pi is uncomfortable in the role of being a comforter.]]
Pi: Look, you'll be fine. He wants to see Nick, not you. You're just along for the ride. What's the worst that can happen?
Planck: [Placing his hands on his head] I don't know... I'm still imagining it...

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