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[[Our initial view is the opposite of the previous strip. Pi and Planck (Grey drones #3141592 and #6626068) are in the background, with Planck in a near panic and Pi attempting to calm him. In the foreground, Nick and Ki's friends are wishing them well on their journey. As Fooker and Sharon stand nearby, Dexter approaches excitedly.]]
Dexter: [To Ki] Wow... you may be the first humans to set foot on an alien planet! I'm so jealous!
Ki: [To Dexter] Trust me, we'd trade places with you if we could.

Trish: W-we'll h-hold d-down the f-fort...
Patty: And if we find Earth while you're gone...?
Nick: Take note of the coordinates, just like in the notes I left.

[[Trudy steps forward and places a hand on one of Nick's and one of Ki's shoulders. She seems uncharacteristically concerned.]]
Trudy: Be careful, you two. We need you back safe and sound.
[[Both Nick and Ki seem a bit uncomfortable with Trudy's sudden apprehension.]]
Ki: [Surprised] Um..., thanks, Trudy.

[[Nick, Ki, and Planck step apart from the others, who gather around them in a semicircle yet keep a safe distance. The Grey teleportation beam begins to activate, and the three start to disappear in a shimmer of light.]]
Nick: Don't worry, gang. We'll be back before you know it.
[[As they vanish, Ki and Planck wave cautiously.]]

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