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[[Nick, Ki, and Planck (Grey drone #6626068) have just vanished as the Grey teleportation device beams them to the Grand Protuberance's flagship for their journey to the Grey home world. As the shimmer of light from the beam begins to fade, their friends watch the empty spot where they just stood with a mix of concern and apprehension. Dexter, Trudy, Trish, and Patty stand to one side, while Fooker and Sharon stand on the other. Behind them is an open doorway to the hallway beyond.]]
Sharon: [Worried] Why do I have this feeling we'll never see them again...?
Patty: [Sardonically] Way to encourage the team, Sharon.

[[Fooker steps forward into the middle of the group, addressing them decisively. Although only Sharon and Trudy are visible, it's implied the others listen just as intently.]]
Fooker: Listen up, peoples. The Chief and his missus may be gone, but we've got work to do. Let's make sure they've got a planet waiting for them when they get back.

[[The group begins to disperse, heading in various directions. It's uncertain who is speaking, although the clothing and hair imply Patty and Trudy.]]
Patty (probably): Well, I'm going back to bed. That klaxon woke me out of a great dream.
Trudy (probably): I WISH it was my bed time. I've still got a couple more hours of MUTEX time left...
[[As the group separates, we have a better view into the apparently empty hallway behind them. A shadow is barely seen against the back wall.]]

[[The room is now empty. In the hallway beyond, the shadow moves to reveal Victor Brown, the "dissenter" from Nick's "all-hands meeting", who has apparently been eavesdropping the entire time.]]

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