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[[Patty walks down a corridor aboard the Grey ship. Far in the background, a couple of Greys are visible, buzzing about at unspecified tasks. As Patty passes an open, circular doorway, the blond female search volunteer whom we've seen several times before emerges from the door.]]
Woman: [Calling after Patty with a smile] Heading toward the MUTEX room?
Patty: [Cautiously] Yeah, I drew the short straw this morning. You too, I guess...

[[The woman approaches Patty and extends a hand, which Patty tentatively shakes.]]
Woman: You're Patty, right? I don't think we've been formally introduced. I'm Christine, but most people just call me Chris.
Patty: [Cocking an eyebrow] Guess I'm one of the infamous ones, then.

[[The two continue down the corridor side by side, presumably heading toward the MUTEX chamber.]]
Chris: You're lucky to be in Nick's "inner circle". Seems like you guys at least have a clue how his stuff works.
Patty: [Giving her a sideways glance] Trust me, there are some places where ignorance is bliss.

[[As the two approach the MUTEX chamber, we see Dexter and Pi (Grey drone #3141592) already inside, who turn as the women approach. Pi is his usual acerbic self, while Dexter waves nervously in the women's direction with an awkward, forced smile on his face. At the sight of Dexter, Patty immediately bristles.]]
Chris: [Picking up on the strained visual cues between Patty and Dexter] There's obviously a lot of history among you guys...
Patty: [Icily] Sometimes that's not exactly a good thing.

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