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[[Trish enters the MUTEX chamber where Patty, Dexter, and Chris have been already waiting. Trish begins greeting the others before realizing there is a new face among the crowd.]]
Trish: M-morning, e-everyone! [Noticing Chris] Oh, y-you're...?
Chris: Chris. You're Trish, right? Dex told me all about you.

Patty: [Suspiciously] Oh, he HAS, has he...
Trish: [With a huge smile] N-nothing g-good, I h-hope!
Chris: Just that you're our resident seamstress and thespian. Do you cosplay?

Trish: N-no, b-but I've c-considered it. D-do you?
Chris: [Slightly embarrassed] A friend convinced me to go to a con with her in costume once. I was embarrassed at first, but I've thought about trying it again.

[[In the back of the room near the MUTEX controls, Pi (Grey drone #3141592) waits impatiently.]]
Pi: If we're done with the idle chit-chat, I'd like to zap you into another universe now...
Dexter: [Whispering to Patty] I'm not sure who's grouchier this morning, you or Pi...
Patty: [Whispering] You're tipping the scales...

References: Trish the seamstress and thespian; Cosplay on Wikipedia
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