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[[Dexter, Patty, Trish, and Chris all put on their MUTEX helmets. Dex holds up Nick's scanning device for detecting "their" Earth.]]
Dexter: I've got Nick's scanner. Wish us luck!
Pi: [Standing at the controls, deadpan] I don't believe in luck.
[[Pi (Drone #3141592) presses a button and and the Velocirpator cylindrical column begins to glow. The "away team" vanishes with the MUTEX's characteristic ZWORM sound.]]

[[The setting abruptly changes. The group now stands within a dense forest. Tall trees stretch into the sky behind them as shrubs and ferns skirt their bases. As usual, the team's appearances have adapted to their new surroundings. Chris is now dressed in a short, dark tunic, with a thick belt around her waist and a scabbard and shield slung on her back. A long, floppy hat is perched on her head and she wears gloves that come up to her elbows. Trish, meanwhile, is dressed in an elaborate gown with a long, flowing skirt. Her hair is longer than normal, and the trademark wisps of loose hair around her ears are now longer, wrapped in a thick braid that reaches her waist. She wears ornate pauldrons on her shoulders and gloves that reach to her mid-upper arm. A fanciful circlet adorns her head, and her necklace bears a trio of interlocking circles as a pendant. Both Chris and Trish have long, pointed ears that fan out from their heads, almost like wings. Dexter's changes are more severe; his skin tone is darker, and he is completely absent of hair and most clothing. A loincloth and a couple of triangular tattoos on his upper arms are all he wears. Bumpy outcrops of what appear to be rock start at the top of his head and work their way down his back. His arms and legs are longer and spindlier than usual, but still sinewy and muscular. Suspiciously absent is Patty; however, a tiny, glowing speck of light flits about over the others' heads, a pair of wings fluttering rapidly to keep it aloft. As the others take in their change in countenance, Patty's voice emerges from the little ball of light:]]
Patty: For the love of... can't this be a NORMAL "landing", just for once...?

References: Nick's scanner
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