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[[The "away team" has just landed in their destination universe. They continue to take in the drastic changes to their appearance.]]
Chris: [Eying her gloved hands] This seems vaguely familiar, like... a video game I once played as a kid...
Dexter: [With recognition] Ooh! I know! It's--
Trish: [Interrupting, looking about] W-wait...

[[Trish frantically searches to and fro.]]
Trish: W-where's P-Patty? I-I d-don't s-see her a-anywhere...
[[A tiny ball of light flutters about her head, held aloft by a pair of tiny wings. Patty's voice emanates from the speck.]]
Patty: I'm right here. Apparently, I got the short end of the stick... AGAIN.

[[The others, apparently not hearing her, begin searching the horizon, looking for her.]]
Chris: She couldn't be far off. We've always "landed" together...
Patty: [Buzzing past her head] Hello? I'm right here!
Dexter: [Growing determined] We'll spread out and look for her...

[[Growing frustrated, the Patty-speck flies right into their faces at eye level.]]
Patty: For cryin' out loud... [Shouting] HEY! LISTEN!
[[Startled by the sudden outburst, the others finally notice the speck.]]

References: Maybe this is the game Chris and Dex are thinking of...?
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