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[[The "away team" continues to assess their changed appearances. Everyone turns to look at Dexter.]]
Chris: Well, it looks like Dex is some sort of rock-like creature.
Dexter: [Examining himself] That's not much to Goron...

[[Dexter points toward Chris and Trish.]]
Dexter: And you two appear to be elves or somesuch.
Patty: [Hovering overhead] Anime elves, apparently. You could take fight with those things.
[[Chris and Trish self-consciously touch their new, enormous pointed ears.]]

Chris: [Turning to Trish and smiling] Trish is dressed like a princess.
Trish: [Curtsying] I-I g-guess I get to c-cosplay after all! And y-you l-look like a h-hero, and...

[[Trish's expression turns awkward. She points toward Chris' legs.]]
Trish: Um... y-you're n-not w-wearing p-pants...
[[Suddenly embarrassed by this revelation, Chris instinctively attempts to pull down the hem of her very short tunic.]]
Chris: I-I am! They're just... skin tight, flesh toned, and leave little to the imagination...

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